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If you don’t want to take time to write your own donation letters and just want sample fundraising letters you can download and use, look in the left column. There you can download over 60 free fundraising letter templates. Along with the free fundraising templates, we also give you tons of free gifts.

If you want the recipient to read and respond to your letter, you need to make him or her open it. Give it a captivating opening to improve your chances of getting a response.

Don’t beat around the bush. Tell about your organization and the non-profit fundraising campaign you’re promoting. Use persuasive words to convince the recipient to contribute. But don’t try to force the reader to make donations. Simply explain how the money will be used and how it can support a noble cause. Appeal to the heart of your recipient. Avoid facts and figures, at least in the first paragraph. You can specify the donation amount later in the letter. Edit your letter carefully to be sure it includes only essential details.

Format the letter properly. A poorly-formatted letter gives a negative impression about your organization. Use standard letter format to convey your message. Go through the sample letters online for a model if you’re not familiar with proper format. Use quality paper and be sure to proofread carefully before you send the letter.

Choose the best, most-compelling words to convey your mission. Specify your organization’s name and your contact address in the beginning of the letter. If you simply copy and paste the contents of a sample non-profit fundraising letter, be sure to include the name of the organization.

Every fundraising letter is different, so personalize yours. If you make use of a sample letter, give it your personal touch and be sure to include the name of the recipient.

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