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If you want to skip learning how to write a fundraising letter and just download one or more of over 60 fundraising sample letter templates that you can use to raise money for an online charity auction or and other charity event ideas, look to the left column. You’ll find our FREE GIFTS section. In this section you can download free donation letter templates to use whenever you like. We have fundraising and thank you letters requesting donations for just about everything.

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Fundraising letters should be professional: perfect words, sentences and phrases to create letters with unique ambiance. The secret to success is to appeal to the recipient’s genuine concern for others, rather trying to guilt-trip or pressure them into giving.

This is why Fundraising Letter Templates must be handled with utmost care. Some of the salient points about how to write a perfect fundraising letter are shown below.

  • Get the reader’s attention. Include pleasantries and address the reader as though you’re talking to a friend.
  • State the cause of the program and your credentials as a charitable organization. This part should be the longest in a fundraising letter. Roughly speaking 150 words should be used here to identify the critical need and explaining how the organization plans to fulfill it.
  • In this paragraph, ask for the contribution. Be concise and to the point. There should be around 50 words in this section, listing the benefits of supporting the program and its cause. Then ask for a specific donation amount. If the donor has contributed earlier, explain how his earlier contribution has helped the cause to date but mention that the need is still great and an additional contribution is essential.
  • If necessary, insert a second page and use photographs or other evidence to support the earlier paragraph and keep the reader’s attention. Make reference to the insert within the Donation Letter Template fundraising letter.
  • The thanks-giving part is a statement of gratitude, in polite and subtle language which makes the reader’s contribution a foregone conclusion. Thank the reader for taking the time to read the letter and for their kind contribution.
  • The last section should be formal and courteous. Wishing the reader well will leave a good impression about your organization.
  • Last but not the least, sign the letter. The reader should know that the request is coming from a real, authoritative person, not an impersonal organization.

You can make use of the fundraising letter templates without using our donation software. Make the changes you need within the templates you use to make the letters uniquely your own. Use the template as a model to frame your own letter.

A fundraising request letter needs to include certain elements, but some people often forget to include some of them. Here they are: The name of your organization. Your contact information. Print the letter on your organization’s letterhead ensures the above. Also remember to include your address, phone number, website address, etc. If you use a donation letter template to construct a letter, include these details and the mailing date.

Donation letter templates and fundraising letter templates are easier to find than donation software. When you sign up to get our free templates, you’ll get thank you for donation letters, sponsorship donations, donation samples and much more. Letter writing has never been easier.

It is vital to include a salutation in the donation request letter. It is always best to use Dear “name of the recipient” instead of simply writing as Dear friend. Even if you copy and paste the donation letter template, you need to personalize it by including the name of the recipient. (Use the mail merge feature to insert the name automatically.)

The body of the business letter must include the reason you’re seeking donations. It’s important to specify this information. Let the reader know what difference their contribution will make. Also mention the benefits that will be received by the donor. Use an attention-getting opening to avoid having your mail tossed. Include stories that engage the recipient. Be sure to include only true stories. People are more careful when donating these days and often check to be sure the details you provide are true.

Specify the donation amount when using fundraising letter templates. Quote a specific amount to get positive response.

Express your gratitude to the recipient for taking time to read your donation request letter. Donation letter templates always include an expression of thankfulness, so give your own a personal touch. End the letter with a traditional closing (sincerely, cordially, yours truly, etc.). Sign the letter and include your full name. If necessary, include a P.S statement that reiterates what you need the reader to do or to remember.

You can download and use a fundraising letter template that offers a professional look. A well-written letter helps you get positive results. With a good donation page and an economical and powerful charity auctions site like, it’s possible to raise funds and sell your event tickets with ease

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