Charity Event Ideas

Event to Help Your Charity Raise Money

Are you asking yourself, “Which ideas bring in the most money? Which can we use repeatedly throughout the year without wearing out our welcome or paying through the nose?” You’ve come to the right page for answers!

Online Charity Event Ideas

These days, everyone is online. If you don’t put some of your fundraising events online, you’re losing out on thousands of dollars every year. If you worry that you don’t have the knowledge or experience to open a website to collect donations online or run an online auction, there are several websites that offer online charity auctions for a low price. Of course, the best site that offers this is the one you’re on: You can open an online auction in under 30 minutes and no technical skills are required. All you do is answer a couple questions and your store is set up ready to collect donations!

Charity Auctions

When you think of a charity auction, you usually imagine sitting in a room filled with people, each trying to out bid the others.

What makes live charity auctions successful are the people who attend them. But what about all the people who can’t attend? Schedules differ. Why eliminate dozens or hundreds of people and forego the money they’re willing to part with to benefit your cause?

The Problem: How to have a live event without eliminating so many willing participants.

The Answer: Add an online auction to the mix!

By adding an online charity auction for pre-bidding prior to your live event you open the bidding to more people. And you’ll receive higher bids if you start the pre-bidding one or two weeks before the live event.

Setting up an online charity auction used to be hard. Other companies offer the service but they charge exorbitant fees and take a percentage of the money you raise. At, we charge one low fee based on how many auction items you want to list and we DO NOT take a single dime of the money you raise during your events.

How to Get Started!

You can set up an online auction in under 30 minutes with very little administrative work. This means you can run more auctions year ‘round. For example, why not have one live event annually and three or four online events?

How much more money can your organization raise if you hold three times the number of events in a year? Ka-ching, ka-ching!

More and more, non-profit organizations are adding online fundraising to their moneymaking strategies. They recognize the benefits connecting with their donor base all year long.

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